The Platform Revolution, 4th Industrial Revolution Platform business leads the era


Starting with a simple idea, Airbnb has grown so fast that it threatens the hotel industry globally, and the business is taking over the service brokering market which provides services of offering freelance professional jobs. All of this is platform business.

Doc셲 Media, the first hospital media platform in Korea, is ahead of service opening, and it is anticipated that there will be a huge wave in the medical market.

Doc셲 Media is a platform that mediates all the services that the hospital requests from outside.

It makes the hospital can be independent of the way depending on the Internet to make reasonable transactions from interior, marketing, management, service, education to the medical job which the hospital is entrusted to outside.

It mediates through the Internet to make reasonable transactions from the hospital to interior, marketing, management, service, education, medical worker information to which the hospital is entrusted to outside.

Jeong Chul, Concept Correa CEO, who designing Doc셲 Media Platform said in the interview; “In the enterprise market for profit, the platform has revolutionized the market. Even if it is a nonprofit market, it cannot be an exception to the rational trading system. The hospital has been handling the necessary work. Through some of the companies and experts that some of their acquaintances had introduced. Because the information wasn셳 enough to make the right choice and also too close
Doc셲 Media provides content of high-quality, high-quality professional services to provide reasonable trading opportunities.

“By introducing a competitive bidding system, hospitals can be provided with optimal solutions for the budget they want, and comparative estimates and a reliable portfolio of services increase hospital management efficiency”

Doc셲 Media has enhanced its business stability by patenting O2O brokerage platform service model ahead of service launch.

In all industries, the platform is the center of the revolution. Portal sites such as Naver, Korean Number 1 internet portal website, and Kakao which represents interpersonal communication services company in Korea, are expanding their business to O2O, including finance and shopping, beyond searching and content services.

Change the order of the market of the platform companies such as the 쁁ae dalui-Minjok which is the most popular company providing food delivery platform services in Korea and 쁚a-nolja which is a popular company of providing platforms of hotel accommodation, the direct side, and change the lifestyle.

Thus, even if the norm of 쁯latform is not a familiar concept in the medical field, it also would not be an exception to the wave of change in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

뼯 Concept Corea
뼯 Brand Name: Doc셲 Media
뼯 CEO: Jung Chul
뼯 T: +82-2-575-1110

Cathy Lee
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)