Get yourself dressed-up perfectly with IFU International’s innovative technology

IFU-CI_상하영문 I bet you’ve all heard this phrase at one point or another. And have you heard of the idiom, “There’s more to something than meets the eye”? You look like a totally new person in that suit. I wear practical clothes at work. She just likes what suits her. you ever wish that you could dress like them? suit doesn’t even begin to fit you. Food, clothing and shelter form the requisites of our life. a more commercialized, the consumeroriented culture has caused the living standards to rise, abundance creates its own problems. IFU INTL ways and culture will enrich yours. Gaze upon this bountiful and beauteous clothing pattern cintents. You cannot deny the importance of looks when meeting people first. It’s about time we woke up to the importance of this IFU PATTERN SYSTEM.


Ashley expresses that we need to embrace body diversity because the paradigms of beauty have shifted And then, Mattel recently announced their new line of Barbies will come in a variety of body types, skin tones, hair, and eyes. This is Mrs. Cha that thinks outside the box. According to him, all of us can achieve success by changing our mindsets. A clothing manufacturer wants to compare the defect rate before and after a process change. Today’s clothing manufacturers produce relatively cheap garments designed to be thrown away within a few years of purchase. This gives more accurate cost than the cost arrived at using a Plantwide rate. Most people change their wearing patterns to meet the needs of different situations. We stand on the threshold of exciting changes in clothes production for the future for IFU NEW PATTERN contents.

▲ Brand Name: KNOW BODY, IFUCAD, Pre-ifu
▲ CEO: Miyoung Cha
▲ +82-2-579-4688

Sam Kim
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)