Grace & Honest is the best helper for your total beauty care

Nowadays, the markets are overflowing with plenty of products or services which help improve women’s beauty. However, they have got some problems.

Firstly, they tend to focus on physical appearance only. Many women are suffering from selective starvation to keep their body slim. However, beauty has to cover both the outer and inner part. Secondly, the younger they look, the better they believe. As age is getting older, they try more physical method such as plastic surgery on their face and body.


Choi, a CEO of ‘Grace & Honest’ has been trying to defeat this conventional concept of beauty. Prior to start manufacturing health supplements, Choi was a beauty and lifestyle consultant. Not just a coaching on physical appearance, she also gave advice on how to improve inner beauty.

Through listening to her customers, she realized that many women take health supplement without knowing whether the supplement is needed at all. Using cosmetic was the same, just as people like to apply as many as skincare product on their face in an expectation to remove wrinkle and brighten. That is, many products were being used imprudently.

She, then realized that a product should come out to the world that may help total beauty care. After a long study and much consideration, she concluded that the inner body care, especially intestinal care is the core part in total beauty care.


Many believe that it is important to keep their young body until aged. However, she argues that “aging is not something to avoid, but instead we can get older naturally because the most beautiful thing is that the way it is. In addition, if the inner part is healthy so that the biorhythm works well, our body will naturally be vitalized without applying chemical things on face. This is all depending on our intestinal health. It is useless if your intestine cannot absorb all nutrients despite you keep taking supplements. Therefore, regardless of age and gender, intestine care is the priority to keep the body balanced which gradually helps keep a healthy body and beautiful appearance.”

There is a saying, too much is as bad as too little. Too much intake of chemical health supplement would rather bring bad effect to the body. Know what you need and take proper amount only-this is what Choi argues. In an overflowing market with hundreds of choices, why don’t you try Grace & Honest’s product? This all-in-one total supplement will be super enough for your beauty care than any other.


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Erika Jeon
Asia Journal
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