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Today ‘s modern people have been doing exercise depending on their taste even in busy daily life. It is not just a simple exercising, but a variety of exercises depending on your own disposition and taste. As this trend which exercising came to life deeply, the sportswear, which was considered to be worn only when exercising, has now become a daily life suit, and this trend has created a new fashion trend in which women wear leggings in everyday life. In this point Front 2 line has been launched by female CEO who is one of the big fan of sports and it makes her overcome her hard times.


It is a brand with a brand philosophy that makes it possible for all customer groups to enjoy not only a specific customer group, for example, a 44-size skinny line. (When we think of people who enjoy exercise, many people come to think of the owner of a body that is slim or muscularly firm and wears the tiny fit clothes. However), our body shapes in real life are limited to products that offer fashionable wearing options over a variety of things. So, in order to be healthy in the limitations of this sportswear, it seems that only the slim people are able to run the exercise, which is a leisure life as a springboard from the stress of everyday life. In this situation, the CEO of Front 2 Line said that she want to change this. She is one of the people who has sturdy physique body shape, doing a variety kind of exercising is her favorite hobby. Thus the athlete suit style become her daily life style and fashion more than a simple active wear. However, the actual sportswear on the market was limited both in design and size to her. Those limited design and small – size sportswear made her feel sorry for her narrow choice.


Therefore, she makes a decision to make her own brand that can be used in various activities and everyday life with one of her colleagues who is professional female wear designers. This Front 2 line of brand philosophy is contained in every single brand product.
For example, everyone may have been jumping in the dressing room to take off the tight bra top with a wet condition after workout at the gym. However, the Front 2 Line셲 bra top is equipped with a zipper on the front line to reduce this inconvenience when worn, and the X-shaped shoulder line design on the back line provides a comfortable fit and a sophisticated look. In addition, the double-strap bra top has adjustable shoulder straps as well as a strap that allows you to adjust the length of the center, so you can adjust the size of your body to fit various body shapes. In addition to intense exercise, It has the advantage of being able to wear comfortably.

As such, her brand philosophy was embedded in the CEO’s product. It was her effort to make ergonomic design that matches the female body structure of the female designer. First of all, the designers of Front 2 line will start designing after selecting the fabric with the best fit. The most important thing to consider in the design is to consider the inconvenience of the activity to be the top priority, to increase the activity and visual aesthetics by designing the incision line that matches the female body shape. According to him, in the modern society, there is more time to sit than active time regardless of the east and the west, so the lower body tends to be larger than the upper body size with lower body edema. To reduce this difficulty, we use gauge fabric to lighten the feeling of wearing by reducing the weight, and by using the 2WAY method (a feeling that the yarn and the yarn are bulk-up, not the feeling of the yarn being stretched because the needle is thicker than the yarn)


Front 2 line will continue to coordinate with its products to enhance practicality and utilization, so that it will not interfere with color or design heterogeneity even with previously purchased products. As a result, I want to be born as a healthy partner who is always in front of my life. Along with this, in the future, it is planning a pregnant leggings line for pregnant women and a senior and silver line laser line aimed at women in their forties and later. I will do my best to become a partner standing on the starting line of your healthy life so that you can continue to share the health of everyday life.

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Cathy Lee
Asia Journal
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