“Personalization”:The definition of Beauty is not 美女(beautiful lady), but 美人(awesome person).

The Korean Wave refers to the Korean pop culture craze that began in Asia in the late 1990s. Korean dramas, movies and popular music began to spread to the world. For example, along with the Gangnam style of the past, the BTS, an idol group, recently made its debut on the Billboard chart for the fourth consecutive week after addressing the United Nations. This Korean culture has been well received by all over the world and has a positive social impact beyond the cultural phenomena of culture. This Korean Wave phenomenon has produced another cultural phenomenon called K Beauty, which pursues fashion of Korean wave culture, beauty trend, under the main category of K Culture. This beauty beauty phenomenon and the new trend setters that came back to meet with the beauty creator, we re-examine our thoughts on beauty.

K Beauty is a beautiful trend in Korea. When I think about beauty, that is, beauty, many people seem to think of works of art or beautiful women. However, once again, beauty may or may not be special. Looking at the trend of K beauty these days, beauty does not have a specific image, but it takes advantage of one’s advantages and minimizes disadvantages. As such, K Beauty’s beauty is not an absolute standard but a personalization to each personality.

We think that makeup and embellishment of male idol or entertainer on the screen is natural. However, there is a tendency to think differently if my boyfriend, my brother or my son make up in my daily life. However, anyone can think of us as being beautiful in the media images and trying to get closer to them. In addition, beauty does not only imitate celebrities, but men are also obligated to decorate themselves. As a leader, male beauty creators are leading these days. I will come out of the screen and meet the Beauty Creator, who is the power of K Beauty, who started by finding out the beauty that suits me personally.


Beauty crater Kim Ki-soo (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmsRD5l54nq9pox_3B7KhCg/about) screams about the preconceived beauty of talc corset. As a comedian in Korea, Kim Ki-soo, who first met with the public, showed radio and television channels in full-fledged and various broadcasting programs, is a recent beauty creator in Korea. In regard to the viewpoint that the makeup is a woman’s exclusive item, in the past it was suggested that men wear corsets in order to make their shoulders look wider and high heels were also worn by men first, suggesting a cultural descent corset of modern society do. In the beauty market of modern society, the interest of men is getting bigger nowadays with the term “grooming”. These men ‘s interest in beauty goes to teenagers as well.

Photo1_PbI met June, a young beauty creator who represents Korea. He talks about the grooming culture that is emerging as a part of K beauty these days and the beauty makeup trend of Korean male idols due to BTS. He explains that men’s make-up is part of one’s self-management, and that makeup was a noble cultural trend in the clothing culture of Korea’s ancient Silla Dynasty Gallery (Korea’s Silla Dynasty, Explained. He also said that he has run a personal YouTube channel(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8BN8ErZ-HIba808w5qRV0A) to popularize and change the awareness of these new men’s beauty trends.

Through these YouTube channels, he is presently leading the K Beauty Youth Leader and Male Beauty of Korea, introducing his personal life goals, realizing his self and preparing for the future as an artist. Introducing his anecdote, he wanted to show that K cultural trends are not limited to simple idol culture, but rather an important trend that will respect individual personality and maximize the benefits.

As a matter of fact, make-up is a way of communication that can communicate with other people by visually expressing the acquired self that the person himself / herself wants to express himself / herself in his / her innate appearance. So, from the smiling faces of businessmen, we seem to be able to see his business performance through his modest business suits coordination. In addition to the first face of the word “persona”, which is the social role and social role that social society gives to us in modern society, personalization of modern society is the last expression of communication that you have chosen.

Cathy Lee
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)