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Along with fine dust problems and climate problems are becoming a source of various skin troubles as well as respiratory diseases. Accordingly, in the recent beauty market, a lot of people focuse on the Derma cosmetic products which calms the sensitivity of the skin rather than the beauty function. Nowadays, uprising the popularity of K-Beauty(Korean Beauty) makes both Korean Beauty Medical services and the Derma cosmetics market셲quality get much higher than before. Furthermore, Home Care Trend is receiving spotlight on Derma products that were previously used in medical centers, medical clinics or esthetic shops.

Among them, Neopharm is one of the leading companies in the Korea Derma brand market that has focused on the basic skin care product lines based on its patented technology through long time research. Neopharm started its business in 1996, starting in 1996 with the Multi Lamellar Emulsion (MLE) project in 1997. NeoPharm has developed a multi-layered emulsion technology for drying and sensitive products that are associated with weakening skin protection. In the meantime, NeoPharm applied and registered a lot of patents in the world by applying this technology, and NeoPharm have actively demonstrated the research ability of skin aging by publishing research papers at domestic and international conferences and publishing many papers in prominent journals.


NeoPharm was established as a venture company with the consensus that it was effective for commercialization between the researchers who developed the core technologyCeramide-related technology and the existing management, and it was commercialized very rapidly. Based on its unique technology, it has commissioned production in place of facility investment necessary for the initial commercialization of the company. Through these operations, it has accomplished many achievements such as completion of Korean Daejeon GMP standard factory in 2008 and KGMP approval in 2009.

Neopharm is still investing heavily in production and R & D capabilities. In addition to the Atopharm brand, which has been in the top position for nine consecutive years in the Korean industrial brand power category (sensitive skin care category), they have developed a brand-name branded Zeroid, a skin moisturizer and more paralysis. In recent years, we launched a new product called Real Barrier.

Atopharm is the first product in the world to reproduce the Multi-Layered Emulsion (MLE), which is not a mixture of ceramides or simple materials but the lipid structure of our skin. Multilayer emulsion technology, Atopharm’s core technology, is the most similar reproduction of lamellar structure from healthy skin using ceramide, fatty acid and cholesterol. It forms a protective film on the skin to protect dry and sensitive skin and enhance moisturizing function. Do it. The multi-layered emulsion is a proprietary patented component technology developed by Neopharm, and has been registered in the US, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Europe.


Based on these Atopharm product lines, Real Barrier, recently launched at Neopharm, is a skin care line aimed at alleviating the sensitivity of skin to adult women. According to skin professionals, skin barrier plays vital role for the skin health. Once the skin barrier gets damaged, skin easily becomes sensitive and problematic. Therefore, all these skin experts agree that normalizing the skin barrier function is the most important thing for the skin health. And those Academic recognition from masters of skin barrier science from Dr. Peter M. Elias, MD Professor, Dept. of Dermatology, UCSF The founder of Skin Barrier Function theory and Dr. Raymond Park Skin scientist, Founder of Neopharm. Based on the MLE (Multi Lamellar Emulsion) technology mentioned above, the moisturizing base line that strengthens the skin barrier is loved by consumer consumption from real extreme cream along with Cica Relief Line and Aqua concentrated Ample Serum.
Neopharm has registered 34 products for cosmetics and 37 products for OTC medicines to the US FDA in order to advance into overseas markets with success in Korea. The European CE certification for medical skin care products is on the agenda.NeoPharm has offices in New Jersey, USA and Frankfurt, Germany, and is exporting products, raw materials and technologies to more than 14 countries in the US, Asia and China based on world-recognized biotechnology. Recently, we signed a supply agreement with LEO Pharm, a global pharmaceutical company in Denmark, for sensitive skin care products for 10 years, laying the groundwork for entry into the European market in earnest.

Based on the successful market positioning of Atopharm, the main brand, NeoPharm is continuously pursuing brand development and renewal aiming to grow both in specialist markets such as clinics and general consumer markets of various age groups. Above all, they are aiming to increase their sales by exporting their own branded products and raw materials and OEM / ODM fashion to overseas market, and to be recognized as a global dermatological company.

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