GINSENG KHAN, Made From A Korean Red Ginseng Berry, Will Help You A Better Health Care


The industrial development has made our life more convenient, but at the same, we have become more vulnerable to many kinds of disease such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and obesity, because of irregular eating habits and too much junk foods.

Obesity has always been one of the big social problems in the U.S. and the number of diabetics is already over 100 million. Hypertension is also what many people are suffering from all over the world. Approximately 1 billion people of the world population are hypertensive, and its number is expected to reach 1.5 billion in around 2025.

This is not the story only for the U.S. but for South Korea too. Around one in five Korean people are patients with hypertension and adult disease.

In 2017, the U.S. lowered the criteria for hypertension to 130/80mmHg. By applying this, the number of hypertensives in Korea is about to 16 million which means half of the people aged over 30 is hypertensive. (In Korea, the hypertension criteria are yet 140/90mmHg.)

This is why the increasing number of people are seeking for functional medicine or health supplement. A healthy diet and non-medical remedy are also becoming popular among consumers.

In Korea, Red Ginseng has been taken as an alternative medicine for a long time.

Ginseng contains plentiful saponin called ‘Ginsenoside’. Usually, there is saponin which is a kind of chemical Glycoside in stem, leaf, skin, root, and other parts of the plant and Ginsenoside is a term indicating Ginseng’s Glycoside. Ginsenoside has a beneficial effect for health in antioxidation, anticancer and cholesterol reduction, thus, Ginseng has been loved by many people.

Especially, Korean Red Ginseng is widely known to be the best in the world due to its long history. Korean Red Ginseng has been produced since 1080 under Korean (or Goryeo) dynasty to prevent spoilage in long-distance trade. Even though Korea was a vassal state of the Chinese dynasty, Red ginseng (or Goryeo ginseng) was the mostly-traded item between Korea and China.

Red ginseng is produced through several processes of washing, steaming and drying. During this process, some biologically active substances are formed that are good for our body, and these are special substances not found in normal ginseng. Therefore, more various types of Ginsenoside are created in red ginseng than the normal one and they help digestive absorption better so that people of all ages can take it.


It was common to use the root of ginseng. Recently, ginseng berry has begun to be used as a food too. Ginseng berry was considered a by-product only to be thrown away. Over 20 years of past study, however, has proved that the ginseng berry has a large potential as a healthy food with new fermentation technology.

Dr. Christa from the University of Munich found that the amount of ginsenoside in the berry is almost 5.06 times that in the root. Ginsenoside Rd that reinforces immune function and suppresses the propagation of cancer cells is included 13.85 times more and Ginsenoside Re that helps vasodilation and the hypoglycemic effect are contained 14.7 times more in the berry compared to the root. In addition, the ginseng berry has 10 times more Ginsenoside Rm7cd than the root which helps invigoration and antiaging. It is obvious that you will have more health benefits by taking the ginseng berry.

The berry is found only in the ginseng over 4 years. They begin to be fruited from early June and must be picked when they are in green, usually collected for a week in mid-July.

GINSENG KHAN, a leading ginseng product in South Korea, uses the ginseng berry collected in a clean area as the main ingredient for its product. In order to increase the amount of saponin, it goes through a special process of steaming and drying four times and fermentation in order to improve internal resorption of the product. Lee Jaeduk, a CEO of GINSENG KHAN is confidently ready to compete in the U.S. market.

Although we have many good options, why don’t you try this Korean red ginseng product, GINSENG KHAN that has been taken by many Asian people for a long time instead of chemical medicine?

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Daniel Kim / Erika Jeon
Asia Journal
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