YULIP: YULIP is combining together with CEO daughter’s first name YUL and LIP

YULIP combined founder Hyesung Won’s daughter first name Yul and lip together. The founder wanted to create a lipstick that is not harmful to both moms and daughters. Inspired by her daughter, Hyesung wanted to incorporate her daughter’s name ‘YUL’ into the brand. YUL also means ‘rhythm’ when translated into Chinese characters. As a result, YULIP strives to become a brand that makes your lips sing.


Founded in 2017, YULIP is totally natural lipstick that all ingredients are natural and 100% non-toxic. In fact, Hyesung Won, a founder of YULIP, is expertized in cosmetics as her former job was a PR manager in the K-beauty industry over a decade. However, she decided to make her own lipstick that is fully natural not because of her career, but of her personal experience related to her child. When she was pregnant, so many things were limited in applying skincare products onto her face because of chemical ingredients. Especially, her lips became seriously irritated because of chemicals in lipstick. Therefore, she began to seek for non-irritating and organic ingredient and launched her own brand.

Of course, the lipstick performance will be much higher if she uses other normal ingredients that are widely used such as an animal by-product, chemicals or artificial dyes. However, safety is the most priority for YULIP. With credible lab partners, YULIP is consistently working to develop ‘Super Clean’ lipstick that is safe for all of us.
Above all, YULIP is fragrance-free. In fact, a little odor or smell is not avoidable when creating the formula of the cosmetic and this is why many other cosmetic manufacturers add some fragrance ingredients. However, YULIP decided not to add even a little amount of fragrance ingredient in order for 100% natural lipstick. In addition, YULIP does not need to conduct any kinds of the animal test because it is already made with 100% natural ingredients. YULIP is a real natural and animal-friendly cosmetic.


YULIP’s lipsticks are made by their own unique formula of various food grade plant-based oils, organic beeswax, and organic shea butter. Those ingredients play the main role in moisturizing while other major ingredients take a part role in providing anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and soothing benefits. YULIP have been thinking about own brand planning and have continued to think about the ingredients of natural cosmetics and eco-friendly factors. Based on the direction of the brand, YULIP is continuing their research to develop natural pigment to replace the carmine ingredients in lipstick.

“As you know, all children always love to mimic their mom. When you apply lipstick, they love to copy the behavior too. As long as I know that lipsticks are full of chemicals, I don’t want my children to apply lipstick and this is why I decided to make my own brand that has only pure ingredients.” Said, Won.


Although K-beauty is loved by many fans all over the world with a reasonable price and high quality, it is yet hard to find a keyword ‘natural’ in K-cosmetics. Now it is time to consider not only quality but also cleanness too.
Won is absolutely confident that there will be no other natural and cleaner lipstick than YULIP. Many customers are already proving it by repurchasing YULIP. We may expect that YULIP will be the leader of clean cosmetic not only in K-beauty market but all over the world.

▲ Company : YULIP Co., LTD.
▲ Brand : YULIP
▲ CEO : Hyesung Won
▲ yulipbeauty.com
▲ Email : contact@yulipbeauty.com
▲ T: +82-31-897-6083 / US 224-999-0146

Cathy Lee
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)