K-pop boy band Pentagon ventures on the global stage

Pentagon - The Wiltern

For their first ever world tour, K-pop idol group PENTAGON is touring across the globe throughout Asia, North America, South America and Europe. Their 쁏RISM tour in North America started in Toronto on Tuesday, September 3rd and from then on touring through New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles and makes their last stop in San Jose. Debuted in 2016 under Cube Entertainment, PENTAGON is a male group consisting of nine members: Jinho, Hui, Kino, Yuto, Yeo one, Hongseok, Wooseok, Shinwon and Yan An. The group셲 name, PENTAGON, was created with the dream of becoming the greatest group with five definitive qualities singing/rapping, dancing, teamwork, talent and mind. On Thursday, September 12th, K-Herald was able to talk with the boys before the evening of their Los Angeles concert at the Wiltern Theatre.

K-Herald: It셲 your first ever world tour! It must be so exciting for you. What kind of preparations have you gotten ready for?
Kino: We actually prepared special stages according to the different continents we are touring and we hope that our fans enjoy it and have it be memorable for them as much as it is for us.

KH: There are many K-pop idol groups in Korea. How do you think you differ from other K-pop idol groups?
Hui: We produce our own music and even do our own staging. We셱e not afraid to take on challenges and we always welcome them, especially on things that others haven셳 done yet.

KH: How do you think K-pop has changed from when you first debuted (2016) and how do you see it going in the future?
Shinwon: It hasn셳 been as huge as it is now. Nowadays, you see many K-pop idol groups and singers go on tours worldwide and not just domestically. It feels like the K-pop wave will continue on and I hope we are able to ride that wave of success as well.

KH: Can you share one of your memorable fan moments with us?
Kino: When their songs were playing in the background an hour before their show started, we saw and heard these fans that weren셳 Korean know our song and sing along to the song when they weren셳 even on stage yet. Moments like that gets us really pumped up and motivated, and it really helps us put on an even better and energized performance.

KH: If you could do a collaboration with a Hollywood celebrity, who would you choose?
Yuto: Post Malone
Hui: I would want to make music with Charli XCX because she makes cool futuristic songs and also different styles.
Yuna Hwang