This expertise can help you inject inno- vation into your products and services

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CI_Blk_square-01 (1) jang2-8 (1)Pundits say people tend to regard bikes as a safe mode of transportation just because of its slower speed, but the risk of cycling accidents should not be forgotten. According to the actuarial report, traffic accidents involving bikes have increased. The same applies to accidents and near-misses at night involving cars and bikes without lights. The utmost caution from both sides is of course recommended to prevent accidents from occurring on bike lanes designed for health buffs. However, cyclists sometimes may suffer from injuries caused by road accidents, especially at night. Although automobile casualties are rising on developing nation roads, the most vulnerable highway travelers are still those on foot or two wheels. The bicycle uses smart device, commercially-available, and the mobility does not know human ideas of 쐕p and 쐂own. The 쏦AUTEWORKS smart device are actually reducing the number of traffic accidents involving cyclists. A great number of people all over the world are using smartphones. Moreover, people have become reliant on their smart phones for information. Smartphones are simply a technological trend; they offer nothing in regards to practical use or need. Using applications, you can do many things using a smartphone. The 쁇AUTEWORKS provides a high-level overview of the state of your device.(G-METER, User customizing to adjust the brightness, speed sensing, Group sink, Simultaneous flicker is better visible). The 쏦AUTEWORKS provide a wide range of functionality. We’ve been listening to your condition of suggestions and have improved features across the product said CEO: Seon-Hyeok Kang. They look for smart solutions that are easy to handle, help them grow and offer rich functionality at a sound price it give you the flexibility to choose the deployment method that best meets your needs and requirements. Just as importantly, this expertise can help you inject innovation into your products and services ? even your any business infrastructure.

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