Korea in dispute over public transportation

Korean public transit is one of the best in the world. In Korea, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the prosecution are divided and arguing over the new system. Even Tada Co Founder is saying her commitment to globalizing the president’s IT power, which is a problem.


Now, Korea is a taxi paradise. Not only will you easily experience too many taxis wherever you go, but even taxis say that their profits are much lower than before. You will experience a variety of public transportation such as taxis and shuttle trains from Incheon International Airport. IT powerhouse Korea seems to be in the process of taking various approaches, citing convenience.

However, they are fighting for conflict of opinion and position. In the central city of Seoul, taxis are already available with various web services. Kakao Taxi, 타다.사진(2)TMAP Taxi, TADA, SOCAR, etc. may seem to be convenient for the public, but when it comes to competitiveness, it shows things to be sorted out. As foreigners, the rules and regulations of taxi cabs and the order of driving habits do not feel so comfortable in our experience. The priority of IT should be order and regulation first so that we can truly feel advanced traffic as an IT powerhouse. We hope you will have a good experience of transportation culture in Korea.

Mike Choi
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)