Air Purifier Filters Eliminate Gas (Hazardous Gases)


While driving a car, everyone would have felt drowsy at least once. You would have chewed gums or sung a song trying to shake off sleepiness, but, in effect, the best solution is to open the car’s window and breathe fresh air. The reason for drowsy driving is that the carbon dioxide concentration in the interior of the car has increased. This is why there are many drowsy driving accidents in the air-conditioning season.

The HEPA filter in an air purifier which you installed in your car can get rid of fine dust. But it cannot remove carbon dioxide in your car. Most filters in air cleaners can remove fine dust and floating bacteria or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), but there is no filter that have function to remove gas or harmful gas.


NeoSTG Co.,Ltd. in Korea succeeded in developing air purifier filter technology with such functions in collaboration with Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), a research institute under the Ministry of Science and Technology. Son Young-Hwan CEO invented a special filter that uses alkaline metal or alkaline earth metal materials to decompose and eliminate acidic gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Further, he manufactured a product that eliminates radon, which once caused social issues, by coating a special substance on the granular alkaline earth metal.

A lot of air conditioners are commonly used in both a regular household and an office. When operating the air conditioner, its heat exchanger generates hot and cold heat, resulting in small drops of water, or condensation, due to the temperature difference. This causes germs to reproduce and eventually lead to a nasty smell caused by air circulation, which can float in the air and affect the human body. Air conditioner manufacturers have difficulties to handle this, however, Mr.Son has developed a filter that removes moisture and eliminates bioaerosol.NeoSTG(3)

This product is differentiated from other products because it can be used in various places, such as not only air conditioners and filters in air purifier in home, office, hospital, etc., but also in semiconductor factory. Filters to eliminate harmful gases are now a must-item for you.

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