Elematec trying to revitalize business in Asia


Elematec Co., Ltd., a company which is passionate about revitalizing Asian business in all industries, is very noticeable.

The company, a subsidiary of the Toyota Group, owns 18 subsidiaries in 35 locations in Asia, and is firmly established as a professional trading company.

It trade mainly automobiles, robots, semiconductors, electrical and electronic products, home appliances, beauty / healthcare products, but also trade products, services, and solutions from companies in Asia to countries around Asia, Europe, North and Latin America. .

It is also active in the center of trade supporting the 4th Industrial Revolution (AI, 5G, IoT, etc.).


Elematec Co., Ltd. has agreed to work closely with the Los Angeles Times Asia Journal as a partner to revitalize Asia’s business.

In addition, regardless of trade retaliation between Korea and Japan, the company decided to actively cooperate with the introduction of excellent Korean companies through the US Media Company to consider whether to apply them to our business.

As the world falls into recession due to the US-China trade war, it is expected to see a change in the global economy that will change according to their wider activities.

Mike Choi

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)