International markets are calling on domestic(KOREA) businesses for a higher standard of business ethics.

IMG_1445IMG_1513Illegal acts take place every day of the week but everyone turns a blind eye to them. Furthermore, we would argue that so long as no illegal acts were committed in the creative process, the public should have a choice in deciding whether to view the resulting content. Corporate social responsibility has evolved from a voluntary add-on to a corporate imperative that is rapidly changing the business landscape. Have you ever heard about corporate social responsibility? In response to public concerns for corporate social responsibility, many business companies transfer part of their profits into social programs. Instead of viewing corporate social responsibility as a negative, many CEOs see it as an opportunity for differentiation. The CEO has teeth in everything concerning his company.

He was born in Gangwon Province, a well-blessed politician in the East Sea of Korea. He started Miyun Construction with a capital of $20,000 while studying economics at Korea University and then started his business in the Middle East construction boom in the 1970s. Since then, he has led the acquisition of Korea Auto Insurance and the expansion of its business areas in insurance, electronics, and steel, and he is the founder of DB Group (formerly Dongbu Group). He was then charged with repeatedly molesting his secretary. According to the police complaint, Former President Kim was accused of sexually assaulting a woman on dozens of occasions from February to July 2017, including touching certain body parts of her secretary. However, DB group clarified that it was not forced to do so with the consent. But the angry public opinion hardly subsided. Naturally, Former President Kim became the target of social jealousy. In a statement, he resigned, saying, “I thought it would not be a burden on the company because of personal problems.” In exchange for enjoying a moment of pleasure, it quickly fell apart. Mr. Kim’s secretary, Mr. A, said he had been molested several times between February and July 2017, when he was in office, and in September 2017, he sued the police. Mr. B, a housekeeper who worked at Former President Kim’s villa, filed a complaint in January last year, stating that he had been molested and sexually assaulted between February 2016 and January 2017.

Former President Kim, who had been in the United States for treatment of the disease since July 2017, stepped down from his position as president after allegations of secretary molestation were raised. Every six months, the stay was extended for health reasons. At the end of 2017, the police lowered interpol red boats and invalidated Former President Kim’s passport. Nevertheless, in July of this year, the Department of Justice filed a criminal extradition claim against the U.S. government. On the morning of The 23rd, Kim voluntarily returned home and was arrested by police immediately at Incheon Airport. That corporation(DB GROUP) should be conscious of its social and moral responsibilities as Korea’s largest corporation.


Sam Kim

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)