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When you are pregnant before your baby is born, parents and family are curious about what your baby looks like or whether your baby is healthy. Frequently, you can go to the hospital to check the ultrasound image using the ultrasound diagnostic equipment in obstetrics and gynecology, and check the heart rate. Even though it is just a black and white image and it is difficult to identify the face of your baby, parents feel impressed only by the image and the sound of the heartbeat.

What if it would be possible to visualize and confirm the health of the fetus by visualizing the fetal biometric information as well as the heartbeat sound? What if the face of fetus could be accurately identified with 3D Color Contents, and if the 3D figures could be made through the contents data? Have you ever imagined it?

There is a technology that makes your imagination come true. Lee Sang-Lim, a representative of Girjae Soft Co., Ltd., developed the technology and video device which connects a small wireless communication device to the ultrasound diagnostic equipment and shows the fetus in 3D Color Contents through HMD (Head Mounted Display).

He also made it possible to watch this video and check the fetus셲 biometric information on a smartphone, share it with acquaintances via SNS, and make a 3D figure. In addition, Car navigation with 3D fetus avatar is being developed to guide traffic information and safety information with virtual fetal voice.

As attracting a lot of attention especially from Japan with low birth rates and Japanese companies, his company is now in the process of starting a business in Japan with companies that distribute medical devices in obstetrics and gynecology hospitals such as MTI and medical device distributors such as AISON. The 3D fetus modeling technology also impressed 쁄merald Club, the association of Japanese women executive, and is also regarded as a good example of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which draw attentions from companies which support respect for life or insurance companies.

As the birth rate is falling exponentially not only in Japan but also all around the world., 쏺R Fetus of Girjae Soft Co., Ltd. deserves attention.

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뼯 CEO : Sang-Lim Lee


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