Why are you interested in portable water purifiers?


Imagine you went hiking and didn’t bring a bottle of water. If you have no water and should drink water from any river, you would be worried about whether it is clean and drinkable. The same applies to the circumstances that you have to evacuate from natural disasters, such as earthquakes, landslides, typhoons, and hurricanes. But you can’t always carry your water purifier.

U2 System, the Korean company, made a portable water purifier called “Purisoo”, so you can drink water safely in any situation. In addition, each country has different water composition and water condition, so it is designed to replace the water purifier filter for the situation.



U2system(2)With these characteristics, it has recently attracted much attention, especially in Japan, since Japan is a natural disaster-rich environment.

It has been introduced to the HIS group in the travel industry, AISON, which distributes medical-related devices and medical supplies to hospitals, and the Toyota group, an automobile company.

Because people not only in Japan but also around the world know how important water is, “Purisoo” seems to receive world attention.

뼯 U2 Systems, Inc.

뼯 Brand Name: Purisoo

뼯 CEO : Jae-hyun Choi


뼯 E-mail : purisooinfo@gmail.com

뼯 T : +82-2-561-4986

Mike Choi

Asia Journal

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