[K-UNIV Reporter] Every Industry and System Which Has Korean Culture Behind It

Yu Rim OhWith the advance of fourth industrial revolution, it is a global tendency of figuring out new industries. Therefore, now as a gatekeeper, I would like to declare it is the time of K-wave.

Korea has been receiving attention as one of the rising nations, under the name of 쁳rendy country. Mainly supported by the power of K-pop, K-beauty or K-food. But K-wave is not just about culture. From major companies to small and mid-size enterprises are expanding overseas operations. At this point of view, 쁊-wave can be defined as a new wave of growth engine of future industries. It means every industry and system which has Korean culture behind it.

I would report about these issue and share inside stories of workers, through the eye of K-Univ reporter. During this process, I would consider technical methods actively, such as Interactive or Data Journalism, and planning to show reports which would be both practical and original.

Looking forward for all readers to be noticed of K-wave, especially specialized at information technology, cannot wait to release articles that reflect the reality.


Yu Rim Oh

Asia Journal

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K-UNIV Reporter