[K-UNIV Reporter] “We will share our own ideas and give inspirations: Here are our first voices”

Nahyun Lee

There is no doubt that advances of internet have made us more informed and more connected. People started to share their own interests through SNS with others even if they never met. The concept, shared topics gives connections between people, forming their own community. They can speak up their ideas to the society. Even though in these open networks, it is hard to highlight those. It is necessary to give communication network for standing up for their voices.

We are presenting ‘K-Univ. Reporter’ from this month. K-UNIV Reporters are organized by students who are willing to express their own perspectives about controversial matters. Each of them has different interests. They want to convey their owns which only college students can suggest. From now on, they will present their ideas about Korea and world issues in this section each month.


“Flexible mind” is a word that shows you one of their key points. College students are young, and are not considered as members of society yet. It is the most important specialty of K-Univ. Reporter. They can see the world with new sights and minds, which could mean as less perception compared to adults. They will discuss about many issues and on-going incidents in Korea and the world, thinking outside of the box. Also, college students are the ones that will lead the society in the future. It is significant to know and hear their voices. By working as K-Univ. Reporter, they will learn how to criticize the issues and form their own thoughts.

We don’t want to define this project to just Korea. We are going to expand this ‘K-Univ. Reporter’ to ‘Asia-Univ. Reporter’ in the future. We are planning to connect with many college students in Asia. Each student of different countries faces common issues but has different opinions. They will share their own ideas and give inspirations to each other. It will help to advance their discussion and diversity.

Below this article, these are their first voices. Welcome them and support their activities from now on.


Nahyun Lee

Asia Journal

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K-UNIV Reporter