Half of the human body is water! What do we do in our bodies?

doctor coa2The importance of wate r is so great that it is the very essence of human life, animal life and a stable environment. Water is so vital for the survival of our human-beings and all other organisms. No one can deny the importance of water. In order to raise awareness about the importance of clean water, the world celebrates World Water Day on March 22 every year. Dr. Coa refers to water, showing the growing importance of the resource. Chemically, water is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen, and biologically, water is the most important element that all organisms are indispensable to survival. What is the earth doing in our bodies? The water in our body accounts for 55-65% of our body weight. In particular, it is contained in the most active parts of the blood, heart, liver, muscles, and kidneys. So a person can live with losing half of the fat and protein in the body, but even if he loses only 10% of the water, he or she is at risk. Moreover, losing 20-22% is a life-threatening one. 

doctor coaThat’s why we need to drink water to keep a certain amount of water in the body at all times. What role does water, which accounts for more than half of the human body, play? Water is doing a great job in our bodies. The most necessary and indispensable substance in the life of all living things. And water, along with oxygen, is an absolute factor in human survival. But what would happen if we couldn’t drink this kind of water? Most of the water in our body is present in cells, and little by little between muscles and cells and plasma. Therefore, water is bound to be related to health. First of all, we don’t eat other foods, and if we only eat water, we’re alive for about 10-15 days, and 90 days. However, if you don’t get the water you need for a day, you can’t guarantee more than three days of survival. Water is a component that forms the shape of all parts of the body, carrying the various nutrients needed by the body and the waste products used to export to the body. It also protects organs from external shocks, regulates body temperature, prevents diseases, and corrects abnormal functions of the body. So if the water in our body is insufficient, all the elements in the body become sick and weak, and do not release toxins will cause self-poisoning. So it’s hard to imagine the lack of water.


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