Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Mixed Reaction in the U.S.


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are approaching with just a few months left until the summer season. There has already been a lot of buzz surrounding the Games since new sports are making their debut karate, surfing, and skateboarding just to name a few as well as new talent. As anticipation across the globe grows with the date drawing near, the United States, in particular, has also been expressing much excitement as their home team has historically proven to be a strong contender in the Olympics.

Represented by the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC), team USA has hinted at an exciting lineup of star athletes competing in this year셲 Summer Olympics. There has been much speculation about some of the big names who will participate, such as Serena Williams, but for now nothing has been confirmed except for the recently-announced 44 finalists for the USA men셲 basketball team. Finalists include LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, Bam Adebayo of the Miami Heat, and more talent representing 21 different NBA teams.


Despite the overall excitement surrounding the Games, the question of whether or not the 2020 Summer Olympics will continue amidst tensions regarding the coronavirus. Although the CEO of this year셲 Tokyo Games, Toshiro Muto, has expressed concern about the global health emergency, he has also assured that the event will continue as scheduled.

There has also been some concern about whether or not the location of the 2020 Summer Olympics could potentially be hazardous for event-goers and athletes alike. It seems as though high-level radiation hot spots are in close proximity to the venue, and people are wondering if the Games are safe to attend or participate in since this is considered a major public health concern. However, it seems as though officials will actively monitor the situation as things progress. Since the Japanese government is taking measures to decontaminate the area and investigate the issue further, foreign visitors and athletes can feel more at ease.

Until then, people from all over the world can look forward to one of the biggest global competitions starting on July 24th of this year.


Julie Kim

Asia Journal

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