‘Cheer up COVID-19’ campaign with VANK

VANK_ENG (1)South Korea’s cyber diplomatic mission, VANK, has launched a campaign to spread the story of hope to people around the world fighting the new coronavirus infection.


The English letters “COVID-19″ are released as “Courage,” “Openness,” “Victory,” “Information,” “Defence,” “Day 1″ and “9″ to distribute posters to the world of social networking services.


We have to overcome from fear. Let’s get courage, and if we stop the hatred of neighboring countries with an open mind, we will win. He put the meaning on the poster to share his mind with nine people a day while staying away from fake news, delivering accurate facts, wearing masks and practicing hand washing.


Meanwhile, VANK it will be plan to produce and distribute the posters in seventh languages, including Korean, English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian and French.


“Just as Korea has become a model country for the prevention of COVID-19, Koreans campaign in the hope that COVID-19 will create hope for people around the world who suffer pain and suffering from it,” VANK Director Park Ki-tae said. “I hope this campaign will prevent Asian hatred and racism in the Americas and Europe and give hope to the world suffering from fear and fear.”


VANK has previously produced an English-language site (covid19.prkorea.com/english)) and a video containing Korea’s COVID-19 handling process and efforts to promote it to the world.


Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)