Blue lights on the night sky to cheer on medical staffs

Hundreds of structures in South Korea, including Seoul city hall, national landmarks and historic buildings, were illuminated with blue lights in solidarity of the nation셲 gratitude for the efforts of those on the front lines.The city government of the capital Seoul launched the 쁁lue Light campaign from April 16th to convey the gratitude and respect of Seoul citizens to medical staff who dedicated to deal with COVID-19 on the front line.


The #LightItBlue movement began in the United Kingdom, with major landmarks in UK being blue-lighted throughout the country to support medical staffs. It was also introduced in the U.S. and kept going viral to other countries, such as South Korea and European countries. Among local governments in South Korea, Seoul City, Sejong City, Daejeon City, and Ulsan City participated in the campaign.


Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said, “We asked for the participation of not only public organizations in the city but also people of all social standings in this campaign to express our gratitude to healthcare providers who devote themselves assiduously and faithfully to the duties of their profession day and night.” He added, “We hope that this beautiful blue light will comfort the hearts of medical staffs and Seoul citizens and shine on the night of Seoul.” He also stressed once again that the best vaccine is Seoul citizens, saying, “The power to overcome this difficult time is none other than citizens.”



Meanwhile, this #LightItBlue campaign is also being done online. The Seoul is working with Power YouTubers to help citizens enjoy online cultural life at home, and during the Youtube Live broadcasting, citizens can express their gratitude to the medical staff through blue heart comments.

Kayla Hong

Asia Journal

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