AdROBO attempting a new business model

0-3With COVID-19 changing the business landscape of companies around the world, AdROBO in Japan is attempting a whole new form of business.


After signing a business contract with the Los Angeles Times Asia Journal, AdROBO seeks to act as go-between to make an introduction of South Korean small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) to Japanese and foreign companies. It would be useful to attract investment in Korean SMEs unique technologies and products. The company also plans to introduce Korean SMEs’ products through a radio station called Rainbowtown FM ( based in Tokyo, Japan), which can result in sales.

Rainbowtown FM (88.5MHz) has a variety of radio programs that inform people of living information, local news, cultural news, sports news, and shopping information 24 hours a day.궋깋RoBo_꺆궡

AdROBO, who is also a shareholder of Rainbowtown FM, has already decided to arrange a fixed broadcast program introducing various products from small and medium-sized Korean companies in consultation with the producer. The program will explain the function and effectiveness of each product with the announcement which informs listeners that it is a reported and proven product from LA Times Asia Journal. The first broadcast date has been set for October.

Some popular programs in Rainbowtown FM has Facebook page and run broadcast live on Youtube. They also open two radio stations to studio audience.

AdROBO will sell some products from SMEs in South Korea, including an spray deodorant with microbes of 쁓TX Bio, a skincare device using Plasma and Galvanic of 쁄mma Healthcare, an air purifier with carbon-reducing filter of 쁍eoSTG, health supplements which helps losing weight of 쁆race & Honest, and skincare products of 쁓kinwatchers, by introducing them through radio programs in Rainbowtown FM.

This is a new business model which emerged newly in Japan after the outbreak of COVID-19, in distinction from the existing Online business through Internet shopping malls, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

The reason why AdROBO’s new business design is drawing attention is that it is expected to contribute to the economic revitalization between Korea and Japan through radio stations based on the information of the media called LA Times Asia Journal. This attempt is also expected to be a new business trend, which would support business linkage between the two.


Mike Choi

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)