Elematec’s step up for further business development


Elematec step up a new business design that no company has ever tried.

Elematec (under TOYOTA Gr oup based in Tokyo, Japan) recently signed a business contract with Los Angeles Times Asia Journal and got down to introduce and sell outstanding products of small and medium-sized Korean companies reported by the media to their vast business network.


Elematec, which has established a business network for more than 70 years, has about 7,100 buyers (4600 in Japan, 2,500 overseas), and about 6,600 sales outlets (3800 in Japan and 2,800 overseas), focusing on 64 global hubs.

There are other examples that Elematec has itself engaged in business linkage establishment between South Korean SMEs and global companies. Elematec also introduced an air purifier with a carbon dioxide reduction filter of a company named ‘NeoSTG’ in Korea to a Japanese auto parts company named Denso. Elematec saw potential for the product implemented in air-conditioning system, so it recommended the product to a Japanese air-conditioning system and air purifier manufacturer, named ‘Corona’.Recently, the company recommended a smartwatch (Brand name: HeartyHearty), newly mass-produced by a company named ‘Infomining’ in South Korea, to not only Japanese companies but also companies in the United States. The watch is the only product equipped with advanced technology to check electrocardiogram(ECG), blood pressure, blood glucose, temperature, and oxygen saturation. Artificial Intelligence in the cloud server operated by ‘Infomining’ can convert up to 12 ECG waveforms into one waveform with 99.71% accuracy. Elematec has already recommended the product to ‘Maxell’, a Japanese health care device manufacturer, and also plans to introduce it to a Japanese medical device manufacturer named ‘Omron’, a Japanese watch maker named Casio, and a watch manufacturer in US named ‘Timex’.

In addition, in the case of portable skincare device using both Plasma and Galvanic (Brand : PlaLucy) produced by a Korean company named ‘Emma Healthcare’, Elematec has already introduced it to Tescom, a Japanese home appliance manufacturer, and Tescom is currently testing and evaluating plasma modules, a key component of skincare devices. They have already introduced it to ‘CocoonMedical’, a Spanish manufacturer of medical, health and laser hair removal equipment. They have also already introduced ‘Emma Healthcare’’s products to TensCare, a UK medical and health device manufacturer.

Elematec_MOU_a_2 (1)Elematec_MOU_b (1)

In addition, Elematec will introduce microorganism culture material from South Korea to the water treatment division of Hitz, a Japanese environmental company. The material which is produced by ‘STX Bio’ can purify wastewater effectively and eco-friendly.

It is noteworthy that Elematec lends further support to vitalize business linkage among worldwide companies, using information which is about Korean SMEs and filtered by LA Times Asia Journal.


Mike Choi

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)