Finger Mouse to Replace Mouse Device

The mouse that we’re using now began to become common in 1984 with the advent of Macintosh made by Apple Computer Inc.. The convenience of a mouse as an input device to replace a keyboard has been beyond description for nearly 40 years.

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However, throughout the era of mobile, tablet, and smart TV, everyone feels the limits of a mouse that can be moved and typed only in two dimensions. However, no three-dimensional input device has emerged to replace it.

Kim Jae-Hyun (CEO of R.O.C.K, Korea) has developed a Finger Mouse (Brand: ROCK-Ring), which can replace the two-dimensional input of the existing mouse. He applied tactile sensor technology co-developed with the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science for 10 years and the technology is now transferred to Mr. Kim so that it can be used in everyday life as well as robot. In addition to replacing the existing Mouse, this product can also replace the role of a transportation card used on buses and subways. In addition, it will be further developed for better security to be used for online payments such as PayPal.

Some smart rings have been released in a finger ring type so far, but most of them was just accessorial to be linked with smartphones, with functions of clock display, text notification, telephone reception notification, music play/stop, and camera shooting buttons.

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Kim is now in the process of collaboration with Dasan Call Center in Seoul to test its measurement of stress level through the blood flow of the fingers in a linkage with an application by having phone counselors wear the mouse while working. Collaboration with Seoul Metropolitan Government is also on the table to put the transportation card function into the Finger Mouse. Samsung Electronics PC Business Department is in talks with to apply it as a bundled product of smart TV, too.However, Kim used the Swype to make the Finger Mouse move through a three-dimensional space and enter naturally on Smart TV. Swype is a technique that allows you to input characters without taking your fingers off the keyboard. Also, he is applying shape memory polymer film to Finger Mouse, considering that the thickness of fingers varies from person to person.


Every company should pay attention to the fact that R.O.C.K can make Finger Mouse more common, just as Apple made the mouse popular more than 40 years ago.


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Asia Journal

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