Skincare products that Japanese women have their eyes on

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It would be only one skincare product not only Japanese women, but also women all over the world want: the one of good quality that is absorbed well into their skin! And yet, if it’s a product that’s affordable and cost-effective, it must be the best thing for women.

Is there a product which contains expensive materials with the best formulation and which is sold in a reasonable price? Is there a trustworthy company that produces honestly and refrains itself from making excessive profits?

tea_tree_imageAs 쁓kin Watchers, one of the small and medium-sized Korean companies, produces such sincere skincare products, Sugahara Tomomi plans to test the samples of Skin Watchers’ products for the purpose of the import and distribution. Sugahara is the representative of the Japan Women’s Management Association. Japan Women’s Management Association, known as Emerald Club is an association of women CEOs who are operating in various industries in Japan. Sugahara is also a CEO of a Japanese beauty/healthcare distribution company named 쁍atuluck. She was looking for high-quality and affordable skincare products that Japanese women want at a time when COVID-19 makes companies focus on cosmetics sales in online shopping malls.

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It is expected that the number of Japanese women, who use skincare products from small and medium-sized Korean companies as well as from Korean large companies or foreign luxury brands with brand power, will increase in the near future.쁍atural Deep Cleansing Oil of 쁓kin Watchers is approved its excellence by French consumers and listed on the world’s 27 best cleansing oils list by ELLE of France. ELLE evaluated each product in a collaboration with beauty professionals and consumers through a blind test. The product of 쁓kin Watchers was selected along with ones of foreign luxury brands.


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Asia Journal

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