Which one should be the first?

KakaoTalk_20200715_155025681There is a situation that we have to consider before we decide something.

When buying a car, do you choose the brand of the car first or set your budget? When moving houses, do you choose the new place first or decide your budget? When solving such big problems, results may not turn out the way we expected depending on the prerequisites. In fact, every situation we encounter is a series of choices.

But I believe, particularly, when choosing something regarding our beauty or health problems, we feel difficult to decide and to choose for ourselves. Why is it so difficult for us to make a wiser choice when choosing for our better health? The answer is this: when using beauty and health products, the effects on my body are beyond our vision.

For instance, when you wear new clothes, your friends can give you immediate comments. 쁗ow, you look amazing today! 쁚our clothes look good on you!

When choosing skincare products and health supplements, you may receive a general recommendation guide. However, you should simply hold on to a vague expectation that someday the effects will show, as they do not provide observable results immediately.


Cosmetics which armed with ingredients and technologies are presented to you with all sorts of eloquent explanations. But, do you know which products or ingredients are really needed for your skin? Tons of new clinical reports and proven ingredients are pouring out from day to day. Yes, the effects reported on the papers are amazing. But can you assure that those effects are really needed and effective for your very own body, too?


In the process, sometimes we make an error. We easily tend to be fooled by marketing and advertising. By thinking 쁈 have the same problems. 쁈 have signs of such symptoms., we continue purchasing the advertised products. Even for the health supplements, we could over-consume them.

Considering such a frustrating situation, I always try to give a more explained guide. A company where information is given by standing in the customer셲 shoes should try to minimize the gap between the manufacturer and the consumer. Continuous effort in studying and researching each ingredient and its issues are needed. The characteristics of the products that the consumers don셳 know are repetitively explained to take the best effect of the product.


Since I am not a doctor, a pharmacist, or an ingredient developer, I have to be more sincere and honest. So I have no choice but to focus more on the ingredients and the physical constitution. A reasonable product guide that can minimize failure in product selection. Being honest, being able to open up and listen to such voices, is only possible when one self셲 needs are in the same direction.

I truly want to ask: what is the true beauty that you desire?

When approaching the fundamental questions, do you prioritize yourself or find the answer in your life that is shown to others? Results will vary depending on how you approach. Knowing and selecting which area needs to be mostly focused on is that beginning to care.




Beauty and Health Coordinator