Biometric solution using video data

Nowadays, wearable devices are pouring out to the market. A lot of Smart Watches are being produced and purchased by many companies. Functions on Smart Watches are also being advanced. Now they can not only display receiving alarm messages but also measure users’ health information including pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. This newly adopted function of Smart Watch draws attentions with its convenience and freshness. However, some people who have used the up-to-date Smart Watch expressed their discontent because of measurement failure due to dust in the sensor on the back and additional cost due to periodic replacement of aging sensor. Is there any way that each person can measure their healthcare information or biometric signals, without purchasing a Smart Watch for a high cost?

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Park Ki-Bum, CEO of GB Soft Co., Ltd. in South Korea, started his business with the curiosity: ‘Is there any way to check the health condition of several workers working at construction companies?’ He has developed a solution that can measure and display pulse rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation of each worker using the HD camera.

Simply put, the camera lets in reflected light from a person through its lens and records it. His technology, then, displays the person’s pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation after analyzing data from the video image pattern. It takes only 6 seconds, while its rival companies take longer: one company in U.S. takes approximately 2 minutes, another American company takes 1 minute 30 seconds and a Japanese company takes approximately 30 minutes. Its function to measure blood pressure is proven by 95.3% accuracy and Park is in the process of developing the capacity to measure at night. Using this technology, construction companies can not only monitor and manage workers’ health conditions, but also use it for various purposes at airports, department stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, previews, and business presentations.

In addition, GB Soft Co., Ltd. made a contract with Lotte Engineering & Construction to provide its services by installing Smart Mirror in every apartment unit constructed by the construction company. The mirror measures bio-signals and displays health measures information whenever residents look into it. Park said that the service is being developed, which includes measurement of temperature, condition, and emotional state.

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Each company from across the globe needs to pay attention to this technology. It can provide the welfare benefits for its employees, by monitoring and managing the physical condition of employees who are working hard in the office every day through CCTV cameras in the office and Smart Mirror in the hallway and the bathroom. It is believed that the manufacturing companies will be able to overcome the deterioration of management due to COVID-19 as well as productivity efficiency by introducing these solutions for the employees who are busy developing and producing products at their factories.

Mike Choi

Asia Journal

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