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The key to success in the development of new AI technologies lies in how to improve productivity of research and development, it now remains to be seen how the R&D center will be run and what it will produce for the country’s development of new AI technologies.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics recently rolled out refrigerators, washers and air conditioners featuring high technology in artificial intelligence, wireless access and self-controlled electricity management. The use of artificial intelligence is enriching our lives. You will experience and feel throughout your life. As AI technology develops, growth of the wearable apparatus market is expected. Above all, I can tell from the fact that when health and environmental problems are serious, what artificial intelligence is used around my life and that all the world’s famous companies are investing heavily in artificial intelligence. In that case, I would like to know Infomining, a company that I should focus on. Infomining is already deeply located in the health and medical fields and airports that frequently enter and exit the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Based on the proven results, many Japanese companies (Toyota, Maxell, Casio, etc.) are currently receiving proposals for research and planning development after being commissioned to build various solutions such as investment proposals.


Jae-yong Lee, CEO of the company, seems to be spending several nights with about 20 researchers while actually too busy. Their enthusiasm now goes beyond building a number of artificial intelligence solutions in Korea and spends time on requests and requests from around the world. Currently, the wearable watch they developed not only shows excellent data such as blood pressure, diabetes, electrocardiogram, and oxygen saturation, but even large companies are envious of its technology and ability to plan solutions.

page4_infomining기사_이미지In the medical community, even the best hospitals use a system developed by Infomining. You will be able to see that the company is being acquired by excellent artificial intelligence developers such as Amazon, Google, Intel, and Alibaba with huge investments. Infomining is a small Korean company, but it seems to be enough to compete with them, and its overflowing enthusiasm and technology development capabilities have already been verified by the Korean government’s ability to carry out national projects. Soon, they will introduce research and technology development to leading Japanese companies, and they will see the status of Korean companies in Japan and the United States based in Korea.

Sam Kim

Asia Journal

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