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    Part 2: Are You Seated In Heavenly Places – Life Application Topics

    So what temptations are luring you away from God? Where are you vulnerable? We mustn’t think we are above temptation and foolishly place ourselves in a vulnerable situation. God has equipped us with wisdom and intelligence so that we know what to avoid. In what environment do you find yourself being tempted? Will you make the conscious choice to avoid it? We must listen and follow God’s faithful voice within, otherwise we will buckle.

    This is practically what she did. Imagine that someone you admire and respect so much comes to visit you. Let us say he is also a great story teller and starts telling one of his stories that keep all your family members spell bound. On your part, you are running around trying to serve him and the people that came with him.

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    Enter! What are those suffixes that we see attached to the website? People often think that .Com is usa based; well it might have been once but no longer the case.

    When one becomes a Christian by following the pattern shown in Acts 2,

    god’s not dead 2 soundtrack youtube adds them to his kingdom. But, unless we strive to live the nearest to the doctrines of Christ that we possibly can, we will still be lost. Read the verse above again. "be thou faithful unto death". A statement such as this can be reversed and you can see what the outcome will be. The condition given is be faithful unto death, but, if you are not so, then you will not receive the crown of life.

    Thirty-six years ago, I came home and found my wife in bed with another man. I stood in shock and disbelief inside that bedroom door. I felt as though I had stepped out of my body and watched in slow motion the mass hysteria, the scrambling to cover up and all that had unfolded afterwards. My world crumbled down around me, and I felt like it was the end.