Should I use a mildly acidic cosmetic?


If you use cosmetics, it seems that everyone will be interested in ‘weak acid’ products at least once.It balances the acid with the skin, so it doesn’t irritate your skin, and it also moisturizes your skin. I usually look for this weakly acidic cosmetics to protect, and it is true that I also have the advantage of the product to use a weakly acidic cleanser in the morning.By the way, should I use this mildly acidic cosmetic?First of all, as most of you know, the healthy PH level of the skin is about 5 to 5.5, which is called “weak acidity.”Top view of pH level measurement in women's cosmetics. Opened jar next to scale, litmus papers, notepad, pensil and feminine arrangement on white tabl

(Same as our skin level) But if this weakly acidic level is broken, the skin barrier can be weakened and easily sensitive.Therefore, the biggest characteristic of weakly acidic cosmetics is that they can maintain a healthy skin balance only when appropriate values are adjusted through weakly acidic products.Actually, you must use weak acid cosmetics. is nothing more than a marketing created by a cosmetics company. It’s not that it’s bad, but you don’t have to insist on weak acidity.


꼮뀽꼷뀽꼨뀿넫꼮뀭녂 2023-07-03 꼱뀳꼺뀸 3.56.05Of course, alkaline products that are too irritating can cause irritation to the skin, but most of them maintain around PH6, so it is more important to carefully review all ingredients rather than insisting on weak acidity. Actually, to start with the conclusion, no. In the case of oily skin with severe sebum secretion, choosing weak alkaline products is more effective in cleaning waste products, so it is not necessary to insist on weak acidity regardless of skin type.Rather, unnecessary sebum and waste can remain on the skin due to low cleansing power.It is true that weak acidic products have many advantages in man y ways, but if you have reliable ingredients and cosmetics that you use well on your skin. Let’s remember that it’s the best cosmetic for you. Skin Watchers is not just a brand, but a product that is most suitable for consumers, that is, customers. All components were most focused on product development, and any skin type was formulated to have an optimal effect.As a result, some products have been proudly selected as one of the top five facial cleansers in Europe, not major brands, tea tree lines have been lined up for sedation and trouble care, snail series focuses on moisturization and nutrition, and Amblo maximizes skin care.It has been developing and producing products for more than 10 years and is now actively trying to appeal to consumers. So I will announce the product with a new launch in Japan and Korea in July.



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