Is it appropriate to use unmanned and robot taxi services as a love space?

An unmanned taxi (robot taxi) service that runs 24 hours a day without a driver has been launched in San Francisco.However, there are concerns that this robot taxi could become a 24-hour love hotel. The San Francisco Standard published an article interviewing four users who had sex at a robot taxi.The media claimed that sexual intercourse is taking place in RoboTaxi, but no one mentions it.
A passenger named Alex said he had sex three times in a robot taxi. 쏧 think I셫 a trailblazer, he said. 쏧t셲 fun to realize that it셲 a place where you can do this in the United States.쒪 passenger named Meghan said, 쏧t셲 not ideal, but we were in a public place and it was more fun and interesting because the act was prohibited.
This proves that concerns that 쐒obotaxi can be used as a place for sex have come to reality over the years.In 2019, a video of a couple having sex in a Tesla moving through an autopilot, an autonomous driving device, spread.

At the time, CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter, 쏷here were more ways to use autopilot than we imagined, adding, 쏧 should have known this would happen.쒲n a report published in the journal 쏷he Annals of Tourism Research in 2018, there was also a saying that hotels used on an hourly basis are likely to be replaced by autonomous vehicles.Currently, in San Francisco, GM셲 self-driving car Cruise and Google셲 Waymo have been licensed to operate 24 hours a day since the 10th.
Cruise operates 300 vehicles at night and 100 vehicles during the day, while Waymo operates 250 vehicles.Cruise and Waymo vehicles have cameras and microphones not only outside but also inside. These devices are used for passenger safety and support. In the case of microphones, it is known that they are activated only during passenger support calls.In the meantime, the media explained that sex in an unmanned taxi may be in violation of the usage regulations.쒲n order for users to use the service, they must sign a rule that they will not engage in illegal or inappropriate behavior, Cruz said. 쏶ex in the vehicle can be an 쁦nappropriate behavior.