Spas: Second Stop in Koreatown

Upon walking into the sauna room one of many Koreatown spas, there are a few immediate spectacles to note – the generic t-shirts and shorts that everyone in the room is donning, the large television screens featuring the most popular Korean shows, the bold red numbers depicting the temperature of each respective sauna room. It is a Korean-American culture fan셲 paradise.

Surprisingly, the regulars at these havens are not solely made up of Korean Angelinos – on the contrary, there is an eclectic variety of people who lounge on the comfortable mats. From Russian tourists to Caucasian LA natives, these spas attracts all types of people across all races – after all, the concept of a hot room to open up pores was never an idea confined to Asian nations. The saunas range from Salt to Clay, with an ice room to cool off and rest in. These chambers come with different types of minerals, headrests, and in some, another television. As the heat of the rooms induce sweat and relaxation, it is common to see Korean parents tirelessly trying to calm their children or teenage girls chatting up a storm.


쏣veryone was friendly and the saunas were extremely helpful in allowing me to loosen up and rewind, remarked Nairi Azaryan, a high school senior living in a suburb right off of LA. 쏶o many aspects of Korean culture I never knew about were integrated into the spa. Aside the elegantly designed, relaxing saunas, there is also a bathing area. The bathing area has three pools – a cold, warm, and hot pool. The gentle jets and laidback atmosphere creates a sense of relaxation amongst the customers. It also offers free products and services – such as shampoo, shower gel, and toothbrushes, as well as reasonably priced services such as massages and acupuncture.

All in all, the spas of Koreatown are the perfect places to hit when visiting Los Angeles – it is a place where you can relax (and even sleep overnight!), eat Korean food, learn about Korean culture, and just enjoy your day.