Rooftop 3100 New Partnership Aims to Revive Koreatown Nightlife


Koreatown is exploding with restaurants, happenings and cool clubs – one of which is Rooftop 3100. With performances by acclaimed stars Stevie Wonder, DJ Mustard, and Dwele, as well as appearances by Rihanna, Omarion and Mario, the nightclub is clearly a prominent and versatile venue in the area.

Represented by neighboring Koreatown corporation DF Enterprizes, a full-service event production and marketing firm, Darius Farrelly has plans to initiate a revival of the Koreatown community nightlife, and provide an alternative to the Hollywood scene.

Born in Brooklyn, Mr. Farrelly has over 25 years of experience in various facets of the entertainment industry. Previously employed as a professional disc jockey for KKBT 92.3 FM, KDAY 1580 AM, and KJLH 102.3 FM as well as legendary clubs in Los Angeles such as Hot Fudge Sundays, Paradise 24, The Loft, and Murray Burtrums, music and television producer for national TV commercials, King World Television, Eddie Murphy Television and Rockwell International, recording artist manager, and producer/consultant for multiple private industry events, he has gained national acclaim for delivering quality work, high profile product placement and creative expertise by acting as a liaison between urban and corporate America. Mr. Farrelly has used his unique ability to anticipate the needs and expectations of his urban audiences to create environments that were full of excitement.

RooftopsHowever, attempting to penetrate this new area hasn’t been particularly easy for Mr. Farrelly: “As the underdog in the community, it’s been extremely difficult to not only gain respect but also recognition, but that simply comes with the territory,” he explains. “We’re learning very quickly how to adapt to this new area, and we’re really trying to make our own mark in the neighborhood.” He further elaborates to clarify that the public generally chooses Hollywood when deciding to go out on the town; no one really ever vacates their ‘comfort zone’. “Koreatown is extremely influential in Los Angeles culture, and we would like to showcase that,” says Farrelly.

Through personal interaction and observation, a genuine interest in his clients and consumers, and an adventurous entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Farrelly wishes to continue to form and maintain great relationships that will allow him to propel his endeavors and that of the community throughout the urban and general markets.

Yuna Hwang