Caffebene, the Only Alternative to Starbucks

– World’s Fastest Growing Coffee Franchise

Caffebene is the only alternative coffee shop to those who are tired of Starbucks. The good news is that Caffebene is rapidly expanding into the West Coast. It is a global coffee franchise that started off in South Korea in 2008. It has expanded globally and now has 1,616 locations throughout thirteen different countries. Caffebene debuted in the United States February of 2012 in Times Square, New York City and now there are 25 locations open and operating and over 80 locations waiting to open. In the West Coast, there are 4 locations including the newest location in City of Industry, along with 7 more waiting to open.

Caffebene was able to expand so fast over such short period of time thanks to its well-planned business structure, product differentiation, and unique store interior. Sun Kwon Kim, the CEO of Caffebene, is a renowned figure in the franchise market. Kim’s know-hows and expertise in the franchise market is clearly evident in Caffebene’s success, particularly in its unique training system offered to the franchisees and its regularly provided supervising system for the franchise locations, both of which provide great support in stably operating the business.


Along with a notable business structure, Caffebene also carries a diverse menu that its competitors do not offer, which definitely attracts the customers into their stores. From Italy’s gelato, France’s vin chaud, Spain’s sangria, South Africa’s mojito, Belgium’s waffles, and more, Caffebene offers its customers a chance to taste goodies from all over the world without actually traveling. In order to continue its diversity, Caffebene’s headquarter focuses very much in menu R&D which satisfies both the franchisees and the customers.


Caffebene’s unique store interior itself is enough to attract the customers. Caffebene combines the vintage style of Europe along with a modern style, providing a place for rest and a cultural portal. There are enough spaces for people to lounge and communicate, all reinforced by cozy lights, comfortable couches, spacious tables, and other details that give off the atmosphere of Europe’s outdoor cafes.

With so many competitive business tactics and expertise in the market, Caffebene plans to open 4,000 locations in the United States by end of 2020 and 10,000 locations globally.

Yuna Hwang