Hospital Level Medical System

Representing Korea top-notch plastic surgeons – Grand’s Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.


Grand Plastic Surgery Sinsa Headquarter is not a regular clinic medical facility, but a hospital level medical institution approved by Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Our goal is to maximize the quality of medical service and facility and enhance the safety of each and every patient.

How is hospital level institution different compared to a clinic?
1. The scale of the medical institution
2. Safety facility adhering to the medical law
3. Certified medical staffs

Once all of the above Standards are met, one is qualified as a hospital. Hence, Grand Plastic Surgery Sinsa Headquarter provides high quality medical service by taking responsibility from the surgery, treatment to medical studies.


Grand’s Specialized System For International Patients. 24Countries Have Chosen Grand Plastic Surgery.

Specialty 01
Coordinators specialized in 8 different languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Thai. Smooth translating service is possible by Grand coordinators.
Specialty 02
Hotel concierge system for 1:1 personalized service. Hotel concierge system for 1:1 personalized care for foreign patients.
Specialty 03
Customized 1:1 service for foreign patients: Specialized coordinators interpreting English, Chinese, Russian Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai will provide one-stop system from the consultation, surgery, and recovery to post-operative care.
Specialty 04
Specialized care for foreign patients: for overseas Korean living abroad, Grand will provide seamless services from the consultation, to pre-operative care, surgery, recovery, postoperative care and departure.