Caffebene introduces their new winter drink




Caffebene’s new winter menu has a total of 9 items which includes 4 “pan desserts” and 5 drinks that will captivate customers’ taste buds. What makes this winter menu special is that the desserts are not just any kind of desserts, but they are made by using a small pan – thus, the term “pan desserts” were coined. A dessert dish made by using a pan is not something one can easily find in a coffee shop so Caffebene pursued a special know-how on what a “dessert-type café” is.
The four different types of pan desserts introduced are: ‘Choco more S’more’, a sweet brownie topped with marshmallows and gelato; ‘Real Espresso Lava’, an espresso soufflé cake with whipped cream; ‘Dig it Cheese Cake’, a New York cheesecake topped with strawberries and a cracker; ‘Pantastic Alfredo Fondue’, a cheddar cheese honey bread with alfredo fondue. Caffebene’s “pan desserts” have been bringing a warm and romantic start to this winter season where they’ve grown such huge popularity in Korea already as they sold over 200,000 within a fortnight after they first launched their menu.
In addition to the “pan desserts” becoming a hit, their winter drink menu also brings a holiday cheer with the following drinks: Red Velvet Latte, Salted Pretzel Latte, S’more Hot Chocolate, Amaretto Late, Chrismallow Latte.
“Caffebene is planning to continue on bringing ‘big hit’ menus every season, which these activities will be specialized by our R&D department and the Trend TF team,” stated Jason Lee, Marketing Manager of Caffebene. “Ever since the start of Caffebene’s expansion to the U.S., the R&D department has been constantly developing menu ideas and the Trend TF team also operates to respond faster than any other brand by following the change in the U.S. market trends and the market environment.”
Caffebene’s winter menu is presumed to be a strong competitor in the U.S. market and highly appeal customers with holiday cheer with just a sip of their drinks or a bite of their desserts.