Taste of the New World – Sweet Potato, Potato, and Bulgogi Pizza


“Wow! This is the best pizza I‘ve ever had!”

Exclaimed a couple of Korean-American children who have only eaten ‘Pizza Hut’ or ‘Domino’s’ and gave Korean style pizza the thumbs up. The kids tried sweet potato, potato and bulgogi pizza for the first time and they were welcomed with a new, bursting taste they have never experienced before. They commented saying that they want to introduce it to their American friends.

CEO Dong-wook Lim stated, “Although we opened in November, we didn’t have a rowdy promotion. We treated guests with the best customer service and expected the restaurant to get well-known through word-of-mouth.”

“Pizza and Chicken’s Love Letter” is a branch of Korean Chugajip chicken. It offers well-known seasoned, spicy chicken and variety of pizzas and pastas. The newly opened La Habra restaurant is the head store after CEO Lim took over as the U.S exclusive distributor.

The most popular menu is the sweet potato pizza with various toppings called the ‘Sweet Potato Gold Pizza.’ Also, the chemistry between the roasted potato and mayonnaise is perfect for anyone to eat and the ‘Bulgogi Pizza’ is Love Letter’s proud recipe and is also popular to children and foreigners.

“Love Letter” has not only pizza, but also has variety of chicken choices. ‘Green onion Chicken’ is a fried chicken with fresh green onion on top, and ‘Hot and Spicy Chicken with Cheese’ is also a highly recommended choice.  “Love Letter” is the best place to be with family, co-workers and friends. It is a very comfortable place to rest and enjoy different kinds of cold beer, makgeolli (Korean rice wine), and soju cocktails. They have special appetizers served with alcoholic beverages like Port Cutlet, Stir-fried Octopus, Tofu Salad, and Mozzarella Cheese Sticks. The restaurant is very spacious so it is also a highly recommended restaurant to have company lunches, dinners and special events as it also has a private room that fits up to 50-60 people.

The restaurant opens until midnight on Monday through Thursdays, 1AM on Fridays and Saturdays, and open from 1PM to 10PM on Sundays.


Pizza and Chicken’s Love Letter
1180 S. Idaho St. #D
La Habra, CA 90631