Nongshim Jjawang made successful debut in U.S

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Nongshim produced “Jjawang” ― a name that was created in combination of jjajangmyeon and wang, meaning “king” in Korean, in April. After making successful sales in Korea, Nongshim launched Jjawang in Korean specialty markets in the United States in September and is continuing to sell extremely well.

Jjawang boasts 3mm-thick noodles, added with kelp powder in order to improve its texture and bring out its savoriness. It also contains a newly enhanced vegetable flake, which includes onions, cabbages, potatoes and green peas, as well as oil made from onion, garlic and green onions to replicate a more authentic taste.


Nongshim has long been at the forefront of successful instant jjajangmyeon products, including the mega-hit “Jjapaghetti,” which was introduced in 1984. A Nongshim spokesperson stated that the company has been successful in making thicker noodles a trend in the industry, and said that the jjajang sauce combined with the noodles was what made the product delicious.

As they made their U.S. debut, Nongshim chose Korean-American actor Ki-hong Lee to feature in Jjawang’s commercial which went viral.

Youn-joo Sang
Narin Kim