Eco-friendly company Daum energy specializes in hydrogen


Daum energy is a company that specializes in hydrogen.

Also, hydrogen is a very clean fuel, and Hydrogen power, the holy grail of alternative energy, is the cleanest energy source you can imaginable. Since global warming is becoming a serious issue, hydrogen is emerging as a clean fuel solution because it is non-toxic, nonpolluting and renewable.

Driving hybrid cars is a good way to save gas. It studies the effects of hydrogen on the atmosphere. Hydrogen is the most common element found in the universe. But hydrogen is difficult to get from store. If so, why should we invest in hydrogen? Believe it or not, hydrogen is a carrier of energy. In fact, an underworld of hydrogen sulfide harbors life forms awesome and awful. Furthermore, the sun uses hydrogen as a fuel to make heat and light energy, as per the problem with pollution, the new fuel cell cars do not need gasoline; alternative engine cars like electric cars and hydrogen powered cars can solve pollution problems, as the world’s major carmakers recognize this huge potential, they have begun developing non-polluting hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. These people don’t care if it costs more to drive a hybrid car, because they want a cleaner world and when burned in an engine, hydrogen produces zero emissions


High-pressure hydrogen is directly injected into the engine, so that fuel efficiency and power are high. However, because of the very small molecules, hydrogen can escape from storage tanks or pipes more easily than conventional fuels. Survival in today’s fast-paced business environment requires speed, agility, and intelligence.

It’s easy to forget this in corporate and international settings, Companies started going to expense to soothe the environmental problems, dedicated to solve environmental problems, it’s important that these firms design and manufacture their products in a sustainable way, All the companies should conform to the environmental law. The green claims coming from corporations can be absurdly general.

Corporate social responsibility has evolved from a voluntary add-on to a corporate imperative that is rapidly changing the business landscape based on the concept of growing our business while trying to use fewer resources and creating less waste and pollution in a rapidly globalizing world, focusing on core expertise and collaborating with partners in innovative ways are the keys to growth.

One that fits all the facts and then this, right here is in Korea (DAUM ENERGY CO., LTD). It’s time to buckle down (CEO: Tae-hyung Lee), he wants to devote him full attention to hydrogen business. It will be an environmentally friendly ‘HYGEN ECO” is the best gift of all. Not only that, they got advanced supercritical boiler technology is world-class from German. With the new boiler you can make big savings on fuel bills and then it crunched the numbers and said that a “DAUM boiler was the best option by far. Heat recovery steam generators (boilers) used in CCGT applications would normally have an efficiency of around 120 per cent. The quality of the boiler is very good and has reduced our energy consumption.

It is ready to solve problem of environment and save energy at the same time when the level of COP(Coefficient Of Performance) has efficiency 6 times better than just normal boiler’s hot-water heating and 9 times better than normal boiler’s air heating.