A smart keyboard like no other – ‘Lentus board’

lentus CI

lentus board -CIThe multi-smart keyboard device ‘Lentus board’ was invented with precision to save time and provides convenience for all computer users. This new product has quickly become a hot topic in the IT industry.

One of Lentus board’s amazing characteristic is being able to set up each input device on any electronic device (Smart TV, smartphone-OS, tablet PC, Xbox360, PSP, VR, etc.) Another structural characteristic is being able to make a division between the pointing control and the text. During the 3D design operations, it can shorten the time up to 20% with using the Lentus board.

The conventional touch input devices do not clearly convey the intent of the action, which makes structurally simultaneous control of pointing and texting not possible. The Lentus board is complemented of those weaknesses by clear mechanical haptic and clear user intention. The Lentus board is able to customize functions of input key through the software provided separately and can control pointing positions by moving your finger on the touch panel.


Another strong key point about the smart keyboard is that it’s easy to install between the desktop and layout film (print out keyboard). Once the keyboard operation is complete, you can freely change the keyboard option as you like. You can create your own keyboard by registration of its shortcuts or frequently used menu by using Photoshop. The Lentus board is equipped with Bluetooth enabled devices that allow connectivity with up to seven wireless connections. If you use a Bluetooth device, you can activate by using AA batteries. The instruction is to press one finger to make a left click, two fingers to make a mouse right click and three fingers to make a mouse wheel click.


Lentus’ business purpose is to provide comfort and convenience for their clients. Therefore, President Felix Lee does not focus on developing lucrative products, but focuses on finding and developing what clients need. He especially sets a business direction for what people can use wisely for 24 hours a day.

His future plan is to build a 3K/mon manufacturing system and to apply E-paper of display. His future goal is securing a fan base for the company’s products and become a star enterprise. His aspiration to create a world where the public can spend time profitably using useful products is worth noticing what changes will happen in the rapidly changing IT industry.

▲   Lentus, Inc.
▲   Brand Name : Lentus board
▲   CEO : Felix Lee
▲   T : +8231-502-0353
▲   Email : [email protected]
▲   www.lentus.co.kr

Irene Kim
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)