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There are a lot of materials of indoor air pollutant such as carbon monoxide, environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), radon, molds, solvents, pesticides and so on. Among those pollutants, we should focus on the effects of carbon dioxide on the human body.

According to the US environmental protection agency (EPA), the increase of carbon dioxide concentration due to lack of ventilation causes irritation such as headaches, fatigue, and vomiting. In addition, it셲 reported to also lower concentration and learning ability.

The carbon dioxide concentration of outdoor air is approximately 400ppm (0.04%) and indoor is generally not more than 1000ppm (0.1%). However, a populated area increases up to 2000ppm. Moreover, in winter time this increasing phenomenon occurs more frequently because of the difficulty of ventilation.혻Carbon dioxide concentration causes many influences on the human body. Another noticeable concentration is oxygen. According to the research results from the international psychopharmacology journal by Moss, the memory of oxygen inhalation group has improved than others.

In order to reduce the indoor air pollutants such as CO2 is by using air purifiers. There are five main types of air purifiers: HEPA technology, activated carbon technology, UV technology, negative lon and ozone. Until the present, people preferred the safest and economical filter type of air cleaner. However, the filer type of air cleaner has high pressure losses and absorption of adsorbed gas.


South Korean company Clue-life compensates those disadvantages and invented the Cluecare, which can prevent the absorption of adsorbed gas. When using a Cluecare filter, CO2 can be decreased to almost 50% in just one hour. The biggest differentiation between other products is that Cluecare can increase oxygen, giving people셲 personal areas a much better breathing and healthy opportunity.

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