Balance your body with ‘Hi-hip’


The pelvis contains the main arteries and veins through the heart and is the starting point of the descending blood circulation. In addition, the muscles and joints around the pelvis balance our body, so the pelvic blood circulation plays a pivotal role in balancing the circulation of the body. Normally, the common company employees have sedentary lifestyle. When people sit for a long time in the wrong posture, such as a twisted leg or a bent back, symptoms of twisting of the pelvis occur and excessive irritation to the spine and cervical vertebra often results in neck disc or turtle neck symptom called modern disease. If this phenomenon continues, cellulite will accumulate in the lower body, blood circulation will not be able to lead to the lower parts of the body, and from the varicose veins to the ‘femoral head’s avascular necrosis’, which causes severe bone rot in the hip joint. Due to these modern disease issues, many companies have introduced a standing desk like Google and Facebook, and a habit of stretching while on the job. In order to maintain pelvic equilibrium, it is most important to take the right posture and if there is already an imbalance, body correction should begin.

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Hi-Hip Company in South Korea developed products with place emphasis on maintaining body shape along with body type correction. The ‘Hi-Hip’ started with an auxiliary cushion study that could be comfortable and long sitting with the Economy Class Syndrome. The ‘Hi-Hip’ has the effectiveness of balancing the left and right side, and is designed to support the hip with both hands. You can sit comfortably on top of the ‘Hi-Hip’ without having to undergo pelvic correction exercises. The wing on both sides of the front of the ‘Hi-Hip’ helps to keep people’s legs close and allow the blood circulation flow by stimulating the blood behind the thighs. The core is the girdle of muscle that surrounds the mid-section of body. The ‘Hi-Hip’ could change your core muscles. Alternatively, excessive exercise or excess spine movement related to weak core muscle may result in a herniated disc. A more special characteristic is that the product also features light emitting diode (LED) far-infrared radiation and thermal function. This function helps the blood circulation of the upper body as well as the Y-zone care for women. With these various functions, the ‘Hi-Hip’ is more like a healthcare product than an assistive device, and it will help many modern people who need posture correction.

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Sunny Seon
K-Herald Korea
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