SMART-ECO develops an eco-drive app that helps improve driving habits

Vehicles have become an integral part of everyone’s life. Situations and circumstances demand the usage of vehicles in this fast paced urban life and this has side effects. One of the main side effects is air pollution. Every vehicle will have emission, but the problem occurs when it is beyond the standardized values. The primary reason for this breach of emission level being the incomplete combustion of fuel supplied to engine, which is due to the improper maintenance of vehicles. This emission from vehicles cannot be completely avoided, but it definitely can be controlled. Vehicle engines have changed dramatically in recent decades and air quality emissions regulations in particular have been greatly tightened. Modern cars have also become more fuel efficient and the eco-driving techniques are required for most drivers. Eco-driving is defined as the act of changing certain driving habits to maximize the fuel economy of existing cars while minimizing the amount of carbon polluting the atmosphere. Its purpose is to collaborate efficiently with modern engine technology while taking into account various driving conditions. It also offers benefits such as a reduction of GHG emissions, fuel cost savings, and an overall guarantee of the driver셲 safety and comfort. Moreover, many automobile companies have already developed a function called Eco-drive mode in order to solve environmental problems such as serious carbon dioxide generation caused by automobiles. For example, when the ECO mode is activated in a Honda vehicle, several operating characteristics of the vehicle are modified for enhanced혻fuel efficiency.

Following this eco-friendly trend, since 2008, SMART-ECO has predicted the implementation of carbon emission trading system and completed the development of a system for monitoring the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG). The name of the monitoring system is called Big Data Collection and Analysis System. They have completed patent registration for the big-data solution in 2017, which is the first patent related to automobile data in South Korea. In this system, tens of thousands of Big-data are transmitted every day per vehicle. The system is designed to collect not only greenhouse gas emissions, but also road & traffic-related data such as driver behavior analysis data, road shapes, and real-time road traffic conditions. This system can be applied to the road design construction and traffic policies, which can play a big role in the GHG reduction policy.


The Eco-drive app developed by SMART-ECO is easier to use by the driver and provides more useful information such as fuel consumption and efficiency. One of the characteristics of this app is that it is able to provide accurate measurements and record the data on the problems caused by the driver’s wrong driving habits. Based on this record, it is possible to prevent traffic accidents by inducing drivers to drive more safely. This is a solution that not only saves the fuel economy of automobiles, but also reduces the generation of carbon dioxide such as smoke problems. According to an actual driver, it was confirmed that the improvement of fuel efficiency was improved by more than 20%. This app can provide entertainment for consumers and repair bad habits of drivers. If the driver drives properly, they provide the virtual-money which is named as 쐃co-pay as an incentive. This incentive system is a reward concept for drivers who are driving properly, and they can use the eco-pay like real money. Therefore, this app is a total solution that gives drivers some fun while driving and improves their driving habits. In addition, SMART-ECO plans to create 쏶mart Tourism Integration Platform by utilizing accommodation contents. It is a patented technology that combines the Internet of Things (IoT) keyless system and Big Data with a smartphone to open the door to the guest room using the collected Big Data. SMART-ECO is trying to grow as a big data specialist company that uses big data such as smart tourism integrated apps, eco-drive app, and so on.

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