‘Purisoo’ is not just your everyday tumbler

Water is a natural resource that is easily taken granted for. It is a vital source of life and helps us function throughout our daily lives by keeping us energetic and hydrated. Not having enough water can leave us ill, parched, and lethargic. People are constantly carrying around plastic water bottles and disposing them without proper care; this can be avoided if they can just have accessible water everywhere they go, but that itself can be difficult. However, U2 System, a South Korean company, has revolutionized the generic portable water tumbler through their newest product of interest.

‘Purisoo’ is more than just a tumbler; it also acts as a portable water purifier. The user can use it to store water conveniently to drink from at any given time. The pump inside the tumbler purifies water from any source, whether it’s from a sink, a river, or an outdoor water fountain. It’s easy for people to be skeptical about water from different sources due to water pollution. Now, they can feel comfortable and secure in drinking water from almost anywhere and carrying around that purified water in a sleek tumbler.

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U2 System aims to release this product in communities with poor living conditions, including third-world countries. This revolutionizes the idea of products being both convenient and environmentally friendly. U2 System has always been designing products that not only benefit a certain demographic, but all over the world; their main focus has always been combining smart future technology with eco-friendly values. Again, with people constantly going out of their way to buy disposable plastic water bottles, U2 System has made it a mission to create a product that can reduce plastic waste and promote the idea of reusing resources.

▲   U2 System, Inc.
▲   Brand Name: Purisoo
▲   CEO: Jae-hyun Choi
▲   www.u2system.co.kr
▲   E-mail: choi2000@u2system.co.
▲   T: +82- 2-561-4986

Julie Kim
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)

Published in Jan.16th 2018