The perfect underwear for men

It is difficult nowadays to wear something both fashionable and comfortable. Usually, the aesthetics of a clothing item can compensate for the overall comfort of wearing it, but that shouldn’t always have to be the case. Clothing companies should also emphasize the importance of both when it comes to daily-wear such as undergarments. Underwear can be a hassle because of its uncomfortable fit, despite the fact that people wear it daily. This is why a Korean company called Magic Dunk has put out a line of male underwear that not only guarantees comfort, but also provides some health benefits as well.


Magic Dunk boasts their slogan of “body balance” to represent not only cleanliness and comfort for men, but an overall masculinity. It pursues natural comfort rather than artificiality. Their underwear is made to separate the penis from the scrotum naturally which only enhances versatility. This separation can prevent transpiration due to skin contact, helps humidity release, prevents the propagation of bacteria and preserves a clean and healthy lifestyle. The material itself has excellent humidity absorption and overall skin-friendliness as it minimizes friction and potential odors that can emit from the male groin area.

There are different types of male underwear being released in this line, one of them being ‘Type A’ drawers. It comes in different colors such as navy, blue, beige, and orange, and a standard design with the company’s logo on the band. ‘Type B’ drawers have a similar structure, but with trendier styles and fashionable colors such as white with an orange logo, blue with a black logo, red with a black logo, and lime with a silver logo.

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Magic Dunk hopes to build its brand beyond Korea by ensuring convenient purchasing online and offline. The company promises to produce comfortable and stylish male underwear and consistently improving their products to suit their main demographic. Back in June 2017, the company won an award in the Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition and registered their brand in both the United States and Indonesia. With Magic Dunk taking these steps outside of their country of origin, their underwear can potentially rise to fame in different countries.

Nowadays, men can find it difficult to find a pair of underwear that boasts both style and comfort. Magic Dunk goes above and beyond by creating a line of undergarments that promote male health without the price of comfort or style.

▲  Magic Dunk Co., Ltd.
▲   Brand Name: Magic Dunk
▲   CEO: Jung Kuk Kim/Hye Kyoung Kim
▲   E-mail:
▲   T: +82-31-943-8726

Mike Choi
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)

Published in Jan.16th 2018