Take an ultrasound of your baby with just a snap of your phone

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The most wondrous moment anyone could experience is the birth of life. Although life and civilization has inhabited the earth for thousands of years, there is always this strange sense of happiness when it comes experiencing pregnancy. The first introduction to this forming vessel of life exists through a fetus, and parents typically rejoice in seeing their child with an ultrasound. Nothing compares to the exact moment of parents seeing their unborn child for the first time, and it’s only natural that they would want to preserve these memories in the forms of photographs and videos.

However, fortunately for expecting parents, it is possible to use 3D printing technology to make out the detailed shape of their fetus. Girjaesoft is a specialized platform company that has been developing ultrasound device software for over 20 years, and they have recently created a product that enables live transmission of a fetus’s appearance through VR visuals. The program is called ‘Fetus’ and results can be accessed via the smartphone app ‘ALUVW App 1.0.’ If you take an ultrasound picture of the fetus using this, the program converts the video into a split screen and sends it to a wireless VR device. In turn, the special VR device will be able to reveal the fetus from different angles according to the direction the mother turns her head; this is made possible by applying 3D ticketing techniques. The stored video can also be played on the parents’ smartphones through ‘ALUVW App 1.0’ and the footage can be shared with family and acquaintances. The smartphone also features 3D teaching technology, allowing users to observe the appearance of a solid fetus from almost any VR devices at home.

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Although it is common to use smartphones to access certain VR programs, Girjaesoft acknowledges that smartphones are inconvenient to use during therapy. This is why they developed both ‘Fetus’ and ‘ALUVW App 1.0.’ Sang Lim Lee, the CEO of the Girjaesoft, said, “’Fetus’ can help the mother overcome her curiosity and give her a fun impression while the ‘ALUVW App 1.0’ allows her to share her experience with family members and acquaintances anywhere and anytime. I hope that this program can be introduced to many hospitals so that the first encounter between families and their expected children is more vivid and lively.”

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