Everyone should take a moment in their day to protect their mental health

Modern people deal with too much information and having too much information leads to stress. This stress can eventually lead to mental illness. More and more people are suffering from mental illnesses. According to a survey, more than 20% of American adults are mentally ill. In fact, the leading cause of Korea’s high youth mortality rate is depression. One in four Korean teens is found to have depression and feeling enough despair to end their lives. This is not just an issue with teenagers; many adults are suffering from mental illnesses due to stress from work, and the number is only increasing. Mental illnesses such as amnesia, depression, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, and alcoholism are also huge threats to people in modern-day society. Such ailments can lead people to commit large crimes such as assault, arson, and other act of violence.

Meditation is also prevalent among those who control their minds from stress. However, when the illness has already taken its course, an appropriate amount of psychotherapy is needed. Many people choose to ignore treatment due to their busy lives. In fact, many people with mental illnesses are having a difficult time because they never have the time for themselves.


Luckily for them, Humart Company has created an application called “Trost” that allows anyone to receive psychological counseling at any time and place. Through their AI system, users can check what their psychological status is and receive psychological counseling with experts via text and phone calls. However, this shouldn’t distract anyone with serious mental illnesses from visiting a hospital to receive even more professional treatment. People can find that using a mobile app service is more cost-efficient as well as time-efficient. The CEO of Humart Company, Dong-hyun Kim, said, “I hope that many people with mental illnesses can regain happiness through mobile psychological therapy.”

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Although the development of AI may lead to the loss of jobs for the future, Kim claims that the artificial intelligence program makes psychotherapy easily accessible. Also, regular treatment is important when it comes to recovery from a mental illness. No matter what the circumstances are, everyone should take a moment in their day to protect their mental health.

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Dean Lee
K-Herald Korea
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