Existing technology devices evolves into a better one by Lui Technology

People nowadays have grown so comfortable with existing technology that they’re unaware of newer devices on the market. Technology is always evolving, which means older gadgets will eventually wear and break down. Change is good in the sense that something better would always be available for our convenience. Lui Technology guarantees that their products can offer both practicality and innovation to their customers by recreating traditional devices and adding more practical features. The company itself strongly believes in taking advantage of changes in the modern world; their main focus is to develop products that are both cost-effective and helpful in solving relevant issues.

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“Voice Things” is Lui Technology’s newest addition; it’s a modern-day portable radio that combines both voice processing technology and Internet-based wireless communication. “Voice Things” contains features that users can find convenient such as free hot spot and Wi-Fi coverage, Cloud Annalistic Key Words and Meta data, live streaming and voice sharing to other mobile devices, recording speech in text form, and creating text reports on meetings. “Voice Things” is also a product that overcomes the difficulties of retrofitting radio translators used in conferences and forums. It has a simpler interface by allowing stored voice files to be easily managed without the need to recover them later on. Lui Technology assures consumers that “Voice Things” is applicable in conferences, business meetings, travel guide tours, or other important gatherings.

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On the other hand, Lui Technology has also introduced their version of an advanced power adapter called “Plug Things”. It is a portable charger that offers a wide range of charging connectors, a sleek design, and wireless theft protection. Any other generic power adapter can be difficult to carry around while also offering less convenient features; however, “Plug Things” goes above and beyond the simple functionality of a power adapter by ensuring safe and comfortable use of any device.

Lui Technology has successfully integrated the idea that change can be better for our modern society. Rather than sticking to traditional uses of technology, the company has allowed existing devices to evolve into something better, something multi-functional. There is always room for change regardless of how comfortable we are with outdated devices.

▲ Lui Technology
▲ Brand Name: Voice Things
▲ CEO: Sang Ho Lee
▲ www.luitechnology.com
▲ E-mail: leesangho.seoul@gmail.com
▲ T: +82-10-7542-5224

Julie Kim
K-Herald Korea
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