Monster Commerce’s unique fish stationaries are quite a catch

Many of the things we own and many of the things we use out of convenience have been made out of necessity. However, now those items can be a stylish, well-designed addition to our overall collection. Companies have grown to create products that have the consumers’ interests and preferences in mind. The purchase rate is usually dependent on what the customer wants, and there are even collectors who only purchase a specific type of product.


Recently, Korea has been exposed to a unique product with the power of quality. A company called Monster Commerce has created their own special twist on a common stationary product, the pencil case. What makes this particular pencil case special is that it’s designed to look like a real fish. At first glance, it may seem rather bizarre, but it is a fun change from the generic pencil case. The case itself looks like a real fish; even when you open the zipper, the inside is designed to look as if the fish has been cut open. On top of these design details, the quality of the material and case’s lockstitch is also quite high. The reason for this quality? It is 100% handmade. Most products nowadays are produced in large quantities by machines in factories. As a result, there are many products that are inferior in quality compared to those made individually by human hands. However, the fish pencil case created by Monster Commerce ensures high quality because the entire manufacturing process is carried out manually – from the process of producing the designs to the process of packaging the product. When it comes to the sewing process, workers with over 30 years of sewing experience participate in the production, making them more reliable than a machine. The fabric of the pencil case is a non-creased and soft polyester material to prevent damage to its overall shape.

코엑스_전시회 몬스터커머스

Due to the uniqueness and popularity of the fish pencil case, many other companies have produced imitations of the real thing. However, Gwang-il Jeon, the CEO of Monster Commerce, said, “I will set the difference between fake goods and our goods through the diversification and strong quality of our pencil cases.” He also says he wants to make more products like this one to mimic an aquarium, on top of him stating, “I love this product because it was made through my hobby of fishing. So I will continue to make products with all my heart and soul.”

▲ Monster Commerce
▲ Brand name: Fish & Fancy
▲ CEO: Gwang-il Jeon
▲ E-mail:
▲ T: +82-70-7536-4707

Esther Lee
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)